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I'm Philippe Gautier, a long-time VW enthusiast and passionate about Morocco, an authentic, beautiful country populated by warm and welcoming people ; I have worked there for several years, travelled many times, with family and friends. I also have friends there.

I am also Vice-President of the VarWagen (VW Club) with which I have already organized a large number of outings (several tours of Corsica, VW rallies, stays in France, the Mercantour, in the Verdon, etc.).

After several experiences in Combi, from the north to the south of Morocco, to the desert in 4x4, I waited to be a young retiree to share my 2 passions with you: the old VW and Morocco.

Not just any way of course. Organized for up to ten crews; this organization that I propose is entirely voluntary, my only ambition in this project is to share and make you love what I love. Claudie, my wife travels with me.

The Road Trip is Tourism-Nature-Adventure, which means that there is a tourist aspect in the first part of the trip and then a second part rather Nature-Adventure in the Moroccan Deep South ; the latter is therefore off the beaten track but without road difficulties (no tracks in VW buses or Beetle).

We have a partner (Nature Dream in Ouarzazate) who provides accommodation along the route as well as 4x4/bivouac logistics in the desert. It is an agency with which I have already traveled several times in the Moroccan Deep South.


The project is scheduled  from May 22 to June 7 2020. Start/finish Barcelona.

If you are interested, there is a no-binding pre-registration system. It  simply gives an order number to validate the participants and give them priority in case of over-enthusiastic candidates.

John Lennon said "I hope some day you w'll join us", so don't hesitate, we are waiting for you for an unforgettable trip.


Philippe GAUTIER, 

Toulon, France

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