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We are a group of vintage VW enthusiasts (Aircooled and T3) and also passionate about travel; 


Our group is resolutely open to all those who share our values of friendship, fraternity, mutual aid. We like to meet new horizons, and also to meet others.


Our Road Trips range from simple WE, in a local environment to several weeks like the stay in Morocco planned for spring 2024.


We like to ride in old VW, discover new horizons, enrich ourselves with new encounters and meet around a long table to share our feelings, our emotions and in a word, our adventures.

Of  course, everything we organize is free for each of us. We are only interested in sharing our passions, not in money.


If you want to know our next roadtrips, please register; you will then receive the program of our next stays and possibly participate in them.

Philippe Gautier,  (see profile)

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